Over a period of 40 days in this Power for Life Online Bootcamp you will DAILY receive:

1. Personal mentoring 
    by Matt Sorger

2. A Power Talk
    video from Matt.

3. A Power Scripture

4. A Power Devotional
    to read and meditate

5. Life transforming  
    Applications that will
    implement God’s
    word in your life.

6. A Power Prayer of
    Agreement and  

  40 Day Power for Life Online Bootcamp

Do you want to accelerate into the glorious future God has for you?
Are you ready to get over the junk that keeps holding you back?
Are you ready to experience victory in every area of your life?
Are you ready to learn how to truly carry the power of God on your life?
Do you want to be the hero the world is looking for?

Then spend 40 days with me through our online Power for Life Bootcamp.

For 40 days you will be exhorted, equipped, challenged and motivated to experience everything you were created for. Don’t waste one more moment of the life God has given you. Maximize your potential and breakthrough every limit that has tried to hold you back.

Each day for 40 days you can sign in right here and receive a power impartation that will propel you into your future and help equip you to be the person God has intended for you to be.

If you are tired of only dreaming about the life you want to have, then stop dreaming and do something about it. Take the next 40 days and let God do something extraordinary in your life as you take steps to actively live in His presence and power. Not only will your life be transformed, but God will then use your breakthrough to become a point of breakthrough for everyone around you.

You can do it. Because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. You are destined to be a hero, because the ultimate hero lives in you, Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Sign up today and get POWER FOR LIFE.