Quick Facts:

12 Lessons on DVD

12 Lessons on CD

1 Softcover book

1 Workbook

1 Promotional Poster


Additional workbooks

can be ordered

separately for your

group of students.

PFL School Curriculum

PFL School Curriculum

Now the life transforming principles found in the pages of Power for Life can be applied andimparted into your life through this multi media school curriculum. Designed for local church bible studies, small group settings or for individual study and application, you can go deeper in your understanding and knowledge of how to experience the life God has destined you to have.

The Power for Life School consists of 12 lessons on both DVD and CD. Filmed in a professional television studio in New York with a live studio audience, you can have the opportunity to join Matt Sorger at he shares, teaches and imparts 12 Power Principles from his book Power for Life.

You can also follow along in your own Student Workbook that will help you meditate on and apply each principle found in God’s word. Filled with quotes, key points, questions, review, and life applications you can thoroughly process each truth bringing deeper transformation to your life.

After you have watched the DVD’s, listened to the CD’s, worked through your student workbook you will be more equipped and empowered to experience everything God created you to have.

Not only will you learn how to plug into God’s power every day, you will learn how to sustain His presence and power even during difficult times and then ultimately become a world changer that releases His presence and power to the world. You have been created to fulfill a divine assignment. And God wants you to enjoy every step of the journey.

The Power for Life School also comes with a softcover version of the book Power for Life as well as a promotional poster that you can use to advertise the bible study or small group that you will be hosting.

The Power for Life School runs for 3 months, 12 consecutive weeks.

"I am looking forward to taking this journey together with you."
- Matt Sorger

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