MATTHEW BARNET Matt Sorger will inspire you to harness the potential for your life and experience the
rewards of serving Christ. He shows how living in the fruit of the Spirit will make you a
conduit for the power of God at work all around us. This book is a must for anyone
seeking to maximize their faith and the pos- sibilities of their walk with Christ.

—Pastor Matthew Barnett Cofounder of the Dream Center in Los Angeles

CHUCK PIERCE Every so often there is a book that comes along and “grabs you.” Power for Life is one
of those books! Matt Sorger is a dynamic, emerging hero in the kingdom of God. In this
book he has captured many necessary keys to unlocking what you are called to do,
called to be, and, most importantly, knowing how to embrace who you are! This is a
book that will help you better understand the wounds and spiritual inheritance in your
DNA. Power for Life will help you reconnect to your past so you can be connected to
your future!

—Chuck D. Pierce President, Global Spheres, Inc. President,
  Glory of Zion International Ministries, Inc.

CINDY JACOBS Power for Life hits the mark for one of the most important and critical messages for this
prophetic hour. There are few in Matt's generation who are able to articulate the depth
of the marriage of intimacy, character, and power that he has been able to convey in his
book. I am changed and renewed in my personal walk of faith through reading these
pages. Every believer should read it and be transformed!

—Cindy Jacobs Generals International

HEIDI BAKER Matt Sorger's book Power for Life offers both spiritual and practical advice on living the
way Jesus intended: in the fullness of His love and in the fullness of His power. Matt
shows that the only way to abundant fruit and a power- filled life is through a lifestyle of
intimacy and prayer. It is in this place that we discover our true identity as sons and
daughters of God. Simply abiding in the Father's embrace will empower our lives
beyond measure, because love never fails. To echo Matt's own words, it is the one thing
that has a 100 percent success rate. The wonderful testimonies in this book will richly
inspire your faith and leave you hungering for more of God's presence. I highly
recommend Matt's book to all who are desperate to see the kingdom of God released in
full- ness, here on earth, as it is in heaven. Matt carries the pres- ence and passion of
God in a beautiful way, and this is clearly reflected in the pages of his book.

—Heidi Baker, PhD Founding Director, Iris Ministries

JAMES GOLL Do you want to make an impact with your life for Jesus Christ? Do you need more of the
power of God to accom- plish your dreams? Then look no further. Matt Sorger is a
modern-day revivalist crying in the wilderness that hope is on the way. Yes, you can
leave an impact in your sphere of influence and accomplish your very dreams. Be
equipped by scriptural truths combined with inspiring testimonies from my dear friend
and partner advancing the kingdom of God. Receive power for your life!

—James W. Goll Encounters Network, Prayer Storm, Compassion Acts

RANDY CLARK Matt Sorger is one of the young promising evangelists for integrity and power. His book
Power for Life reveals both of these emphases—integrity and power. The book is
balanced. This is not charismania. I believe Matt teaches how to enter into the more. I
am sure you will be blessed by reading and studying this book.

—Randy Clark Founder of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

MARC CHIRONA The world is in desperate need of heroes. My dear friend Matt Sorger has provided you
with a road map of the birth, growth, development, and release of the hero within you for
the day in which you and I are living. His signposts are clear and scrip- tural, his
intention is exceptional, his passion is admirable, and his promise to you is transferrable
by the same Spirit that is working in him that has worked in all heroes of God in past
generations. Power for Life will unleash God's greatness in you and through you and
cause you to respond to a call that is issuing from His heart in this hour for those whose
lives are clearly marked by God's presence! Thanks, Matt, for taking the time to pen
these words; may they go deep into the hearts of the ageless generation that will be led
by the Spirit to read them, apply them, and experience the fruit of them in this hour!

—Dr. Mark Chironna The Master's Touch International Church
   Mark Chironna Ministries

PATRICIA KING Matt Sorger is one of my favorite ministers! He is dedicated, passionate, and full of
integrity. His book Power for Life is written from his own life experiences and study in
the Word of God and is loaded with fresh revelation of the Word and practical wisdom to
help you walk in the power of God. What Matt pens in this book is authentic and
trustworthy—a great book for your library!

—Patricia King Cofounder, XPmedia

CHE AHN In Matt's book Power for Life, you will learn how to connect to the power of God and
direct it according to God's pur- poses so that you may be used as a conduit of God's
glory. As you become a channel of God's presence, you will help bring the societal
reformation we are believing for.

—Ché Ahn Senior Pastor, HROCK Church President,
   Harvest International Ministry

BILL HAMMON In his book Power for Life, Matt Sorger has presented how to harness and release the
power of God in our lives. Its truth will set many free and help you fulfill your destiny.
The kingdom of God will be advanced and the church more triumphant when the jewels
in this book are applied. It will enhance your life as you discover the power and purpose
God intends for you. Everyone needs to read this book and put in to practice its spiritual
truths and practical principles. As a result, much more will be accomplished in your life
and ministry.

—Dr. Bill Hamon Bishop, Christian International Ministries Network (CIMN)

JILL HAMMON In his book Power for Life, Matt Sorger combines powerful biblical principles with artfully
communicated life stories to present a handbook for believers to live lives of victory,
vision, and purpose. You will be encouraged as Matt shares much of his own journey
toward living the life of an overcomer. This book will inspire you to live stronger and
reach higher than you ever have before.

—Jane Hamon Christian International Ministries

MEHESH CHAVDA Matt's book Power for Life has fresh insights into releasing the wonderful presence of
the Holy Spirit in strategic areas of our lives. You have a resource here to not only
propel you into God's supernatural but also to assist others in getting their
breakthrough. I am grateful for tools like these that help us go from glory to glory.

—Mahesh Chavda Chavda Ministries International

BOB WEINER Matt Sorger is a lover of God first, as well as a powerful dynamic minister that the Lord
has raised up to demonstrate His glory to this generation. I was privileged to be part of
his ordination to ministry and have been impressed at his humility and purity of heart.
His new book, Power for Life, will release in you supernatural faith in Almighty God to do
the impossible in your life. The dynamic ingredients for mirac- ulous living are in this lifechanging
book. This is a must-read for the entire body of Christ. I highly recommend it!

—Bob Weiner Weiner Ministries International