Press Release:  May 3, 2011,  Charisma House
Lake Mary, FL—In an unstable economic climate and society of declining morality, people are continually looking for something or someone to believe in—a power source to rejuvenate and replenish.  Some look to money, material possessions, celebrities, family and friends, or personal notoriety for unshakable confidence and renewable power in their lives.  But the true source that gives power for all of life can be found in something else.

In his new book, Power for Life, prophetic minister and healing evangelist Matt Sorger discusses the greatness that lies within you and the keys to unleash God’s power in your life.  He issues a clarion call for believers to be the ones to stand up as leaders for their families, churches, and world at large by committing themselves to a life plugged into God as their power source for a life of fulfillment and abundance.

Not just another self-help book filled with clichés and meaningless principles, Power for Life instructs readers not just how to access God’s power, but how to harness it and see it manifest in every area of their lives. “God’s power is granted to us so we can live true, authentic, overcoming lives filled with victory and freedom. Make the right choices, and your life will be transformed,” says Sorger. “This is your life; you only have one, so live it to the full.”

Drawing from Scripture and his own personal experience, Sorger’s unique insight empowers readers to overcome life’s tragedies and triumph through God’s power by being a fruitful vessel for Him and embracing the future that God has planned for their lives.

“Jesus Christ is the ultimate expression of God’s love. He laid down His life so that we can lay down our lives and release His love to the world. There is no greater love than to sacrifice your life for another. Love compelled Jesus all the way to the cross. Love resurrected Him from the grave. Love set you and me free so that we can be fruitful vessels of His power,” says Sorger.


About the Author

Matt Sorger is a prophetic and practical life minister, healing evangelist, and the head of Matt Sorger Ministries. He travels nationally and internationally, ministering the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit, and hosts a weekly television program titled Power for Life. Many have experienced healing and breakthrough during Matt’s meetings. He holds a degree in biblical studies and has ministered in more than twenty-five nations of the earth. Matt currently resides in New York.

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